My side of story

My side of story

Jan 6, 2011

The day was gloomy, when I waited for you. My heart cheered when I saw you, the first time you showed up after days so long. You were tall, with a bag and when light gleamed you’re your naïve face, spirits went free and the dove swarmed away, no more peace to my quiet soul, things circumventing around you. One a question rose again- WHY ME?  Is it really...

‘Son-Shine’ of my abridged dreams

I felt something tugging at the hem of my shirt. I turned around smiling, almost cooing, expecting two pudgy, sooty little fists grappling at my stole, a toothless, grinning cherub, looking up in mischief. Finding nobody there startled me au courant. I was bewildered for a breath, to find myself, not at home, preparing feed for my toddler, but in a confined dim...

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