My side of story

My side of story

Jan 6, 2011

The day was gloomy, when I waited for you. My heart cheered when I saw you, the first time you showed up after days so long. You were tall, with a bag and when light gleamed you’re your naïve face, spirits went free and the dove swarmed away, no more peace to my quiet soul, things circumventing around you. One a question rose again- WHY ME?  Is it really...

Love: A story

A little pain in the heart A single drop n the eye She sat near the window And let life pass her by She was fair as the dusk Clear as a bolt The softness of her heart Was her major fault She dreamed with wide eyes With hope in her heart And with baited she awaited Her soul’s better part And her hopes were not in vain He came one day indeed And entered her...

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